Midsummer mood

Phew! My delicate Northern English constitution really didn't like the heat we had mid week. In fact, by Wednesday we weren't even doing our daily walk. The furthest we walked was to the Triangle Bakehouse to pick up our loaf. My thoughts turned to salads and cool drinks rather than my usual preferred hearty meals.  The salad was from a favourite book, Bowls of Goodness by Nina who writes at Nourish Atelier. It was butternut squash, lentils, red onion and spinach in a surprisingly hot oriental dressing. It was amazing! It's really nice to eat in the garden under the shade of the cherry and apple trees. We picked our first crop of strawberries - other fruits will follow in the coming weeks. They were small and very sweet, contrasting well with the sharpness of natural yogurt. 

By Friday though, the weather had turned. Still hot, we had thunderstorms and heavy rain. At last, cool enough to walk! But we got soaked through and wind swept. A neighbour commented that it was like &…

Sunshine between the showers

A mixed week for the weather, with a few wet days. Although they may have forced us to be indoors more, the gardens and fields soaked it all up. The elder tree in our front garden is heavy with blossom tight now. I always think it looks like a Japanese painting.

 It's been a week for hearty food. This was a scrummy healthy take on mac 'n' cheese by Jamie Oliver from his veg book, called mac 'n' greens. 

It's been a week for listening to music in our basement den. Latest sounds include Nadia Reid (especially the song 'Oh Canada'), Family Selection Box and the wonderful happy breezy Sea Zoo album, 'Joy'. All guaranteed to wash away the blue mood.  

 We are doing our bit to try to keep local business going. Here's a delivery we took from The Grayston Unity in Halifax, England's smallest gig venue (it holds 18 people). 

Sam appreciated the paper bag that the order came in too.

This photo shows our bijou garden from the house. It's tiny but lo…