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A wave across the Pennines

Hello! I'm Jan, the Red Rose who lives in the county of the White Rose, or a Lancastrian living in beautiful Yorkshire! Helen and I have set up this blog as two friends who can't meet up under lockdown, but are still chatting, crafting and cooking. So, life in lockdown.... The weather has been heavenly, that perfect warm spring sunshine with hardly a breeze. I've been enjoying a brew in the dappled shade under the blossom trees, catching up on reading. D and I have enjoyed our daily walks in the countryside around our home. We have lived here for five years, but really hadn't explored very far prior to lockdown. We've been told only to take walks from our homes. The delicious parkin (a local gingery-treacle cake) was not, I have to admit, homemade, but a treat from our local bakehouse. Everywhere we walk we see rainbows, drawn by children as a symbol of hope and in support of our wonderful NHS. They are in windows, on walls, on p