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A colourful week

Contemplating the current situation and my imminent return to work next week, I decided to try out a face mask pattern with some plain quilting cotton from my stash. It came out ok. Machine sewing is something I attempt only occasionally and without much finesse. I’ve made the odd pair of curtains (emphasis on the odd), cushion covers and the like, but tend to avoid trying to sew any type of garment that is likely to be seen in public.  My own lack of skills makes my enjoyment of The Great British Sewing Bee even greater – I’m in awe of the overlocker! Have you got a favourite for the final this year?
I'm a big fan of Clare - I love her style, and beautifully classy Therese. But really I hope this year it belongs to one of the remaining men, probably Mark. This year it's been brilliant.

Meanwhile, progress on my Cosy Stripe blanket continues.
wow! Looking great!

We continued our backstreet walks. Maybe this weekend we will venture a bit further as our car has had a post lockdow…

Salad days and soup days

The garden is starting to show signs of things ripening. We always get a bumper crop of currants which we have to work quickly to convert into jam and pies. I'm already saving jars in anticipation.

As usual, not much activity from our very lazy cat.

Life at a slow pace

Ah - the sun has returned after a few very chilly days in the Pennines. There are little pockets of colour popping up everywhere. I love these delicate aquilegas which have very thoughtfully self-seeded in my tiny garden. They are like little works of art.

During the colder days I had a bit of a baking moment (doesn't come over me very often). After consulting with Helen via video, I adapted a simple oat and raisin cookie recipe, giving it an upgrade with some peanut butter - I was short of actual butter. Believe me, they were scrumpl-icious! I added a few glace cherries lurking in the cupboard from Christmas too. Mmmmmm....  I also made a very yummy chicken pie with the left-over chicken and veg from our Sunday roast. I think that having more time at home and less availability of meat and veg is making us far more resourceful with our cooking.

There have been daily walks, which around here always involve a hill. Don't be fooled by the bright skies - it was freezing, barely abov…