A colourful week

  Contemplating the current situation and my imminent return to work next week, I decided to try out a face mask pattern with some plain quilting cotton from my stash. It came out ok. Machine sewing is something I attempt only occasionally and without much finesse. I’ve made the odd pair of curtains (emphasis on the odd), cushion covers and the like, but tend to avoid trying to sew any type of garment that is likely to be seen in public.  My own lack of skills makes my enjoyment of The Great British Sewing Bee even greater – I’m in awe of the overlocker! Have you got a favourite for the final this year?

I'm a big fan of Clare - I love her style, and beautifully classy Therese. But really I hope this year it belongs to one of the remaining men, probably Mark. This year it's been brilliant.

Meanwhile, progress on my Cosy Stripe blanket continues.

wow! Looking great!

We continued our backstreet walks. Maybe this weekend we will venture a bit further as our car has had a post lockdown check up and is ready to get back on the road.

Lasagne: not pretty, but delicious.

  Like Helen, I've been working from home, but I'm thankful that I will be doing so for at least another week.
Half term was quiet - with the one exciting part being that we ventured out to have a walk in the Dark Peak, about a 30 minute drive from our home. But it was a blisteringly hot day.....

We walked on the moors around Digley Reservoir. You can feel the heat on that photo!

 We've had many a colourful salad, made with leaves from the little veg patch we have in the back garden. They somehow taste sweeter when you eat them right next to where they were grown.
I also had a bash at baking banana bread - bit of a lockdown cliché I know. but this was a recipe I'd been wanting to try for a while from the lovely book The Little Library Year by Kate Young.  Not surprisingly it contains my favourite ingredient, peanut butter! Helen and I have a favourite soup at a little café in Saddleworth (The Lime Kiln in Uppermill)- butternut and nut butter. I can't wait to have that again! Roll on autumn and (hopefully) lunches out.
Note my Hay mug is in the photo - we used to go to the Hay Festival every May half term for years. I've been watching some of the events online. The weather would be so perfect in Hay right now!

 On our neighbourhood walk a few days ago, we stumbled across a collection of painted stones which had the notice 'please re-home us'. So I picked this home baking one - I liked it partly because of the way that home baking has defined a lot of our lockdown time, but also because it was so well-chosen - can you see that the shape is just perfectly a slice of a cottage loaf?

 And speaking of our walks - well, Helen, we outdid ourselves yesterday! We headed up the hill behind our home and onto the moors.......and twelve miles later were back home again! With very tired legs you can imagine! The above picture is the village we live in from up on the moor tops, with a friendly sheep looking on. 

And finally.... another less pleasant aspect of lockdown has been insomnia. Never a great sleeper in normal times, I don't respond well to a change of routine, and this has been compounded by worry for the world at large and my parents in particular. I have often found myself prowling in the early hours. Sam the cat is always pleased to keep me company! I was sitting in the living room at 5.00am today, and the view across the valley was framed like a beautiful painting. I love the world before everything has woken up - when it's just me and the birds.


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