A wave back across the pennines!

Hi everyone! I'm Helen, the White Rose living in lockdown in lovely Lancashire!

We're a bit more suburban than Jan, but the sun has been shining here too and there are still rural vistas to be found!

I'll be glad when we're all allowed to  drive a little further afield before starting our walks - I'm missing woodlands and the coast! However, there has been plenty to keep me busy at home...

First, completing this English Paper Piecing project that I started last spring. The pattern is called Perpetual Spring and is by Florence Knapp over at flossieteacakes.blogspot.com.

It really needs a frame, but I'm very pleased with the splash of colour it adds to this dark corner. I am very much a have-a-go crafter: I may not achieve perfection, but I have a lot of fun trying!

Which leads me on to crochet. I've never really got the crochet bug before, mainly because I find it absolutely impossible to control the yarn with my left hand like you're supposed to; but after a Sunday afternoon of Studio Ghibli on Netflix, I couldn't resist this Totoro inspired amigurumi!
              There was the added excitement of checking the post everyday to see if the eyes had arrived!

     I think it was worth the wait.

Now I'm amigurumi mad! This cutie was christened Lucy Fur and swiftly disappeared into the Offspring's bedroom, where I'm sure she will feel right at home. 


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