Salad days and soup days

 It's been a week of highs and lows, hot and cold, indoors and outdoors. The weather has been at extremes - from a taste of summer to bobble hat weather. Sam the cat enjoyed the brief hot spell under the remaining apple blossom, which has now all but faded.

Our daily walks are keeping us sane still. We especially love the lambs, who aren't so tiny anymore. 

It was VE Day last Friday. A lovely hot day, it would have been a perfect bank holiday had we not all been in lockdown! There were some very moving tributes to local heroes around the neighbourhood.

The garden is starting to show signs of things ripening. We always get a bumper crop of currants which we have to work quickly to convert into jam and pies. I'm already saving jars in anticipation.


As usual, not much activity from our very lazy cat.

  This is my favourite spot for coffee - the sunny windowsill. Sometimes I have to fight Sam for a space here.
  Ah, the gorgeous Sam! We suffer from serious cat envy in the White Rose household.
 You'd think differently if you had to deal with all the fluff he leaves behind....
 It's been a week of using up the leftovers and clearing out the freezer. The last of the mince went into these meat balls. Since lockdown I have been relishing the unavailability of "extra lean,less than  5% fat" mince and endulging the guilty pleasure of food that actually tastes good ( after all, I've been burning all those calories P.E ing with Joe Wicks). With plenty of paprika and chilli flakes added, these went down a treat with patatas bravas.

I haven't abandoned healthy eating altogether though. I tend to eat soup at lunchtime, as it's quick when I get home from work, and for new year 2019 I resolved to bin Cuppa Soup and eat homemade as much as possible. My repertoire now includes four regulars described by the  Offspring as orange soup, orange soup with bits in, brown soup and, as seen above, beige soup -  which is actually, curried cauliflower and is absolutely delicious - but she has a point.

 I've been reading this on Jan's recommendation. Here we come to a friendly bone of contention between us - my reading is done almost exclusively on Kindle these days, including library loans. I can feel the looks of disdain from across the Pennines as I type that! I still love browsing in a bookshop, looking at covers and inhaling that new book smell, but I love the fact that no matter the number of pages a book has, be it Hilary Mantel's "The Mirror and the Light" or Delia Owen's Crawdads, I can carry them any and everywhere regardless. Besides which, we ran out of bookshelf space years ago!

 You know I'll never come to terms with books on screens! I continue to be surrounded by piles of homeless books. But I'm planning a big book re-organisation - watch this space....


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