Life at a slow pace

Ah - the sun has returned after a few very chilly days in the Pennines. There are little pockets of colour popping up everywhere. I love these delicate aquilegas which have very thoughtfully self-seeded in my tiny garden. They are like little works of art.

During the colder days I had a bit of a baking moment (doesn't come over me very often). After consulting with Helen via video, I adapted a simple oat and raisin cookie recipe, giving it an upgrade with some peanut butter - I was short of actual butter. Believe me, they were scrumpl-icious! I added a few glace cherries lurking in the cupboard from Christmas too. Mmmmmm....  I also made a very yummy chicken pie with the left-over chicken and veg from our Sunday roast. I think that having more time at home and less availability of meat and veg is making us far more resourceful with our cooking.

There have been daily walks, which around here always involve a hill. Don't be fooled by the bright skies - it was freezing, barely above 4 degrees Celsius. Look at that Highland Coo - a real supermodel! I love the crenellations on some of the walls on the impressive Victorian water structures. I discovered that we get the word 'cranny' from 'crenellation', as in 'nooks and crannies'. 

Loving the leaves appearing everywhere. I passed this oak tree with perfect little leaves. I was reading about a French scientist who has taken to chalking the names of wild flowers growing on London's streets. It made me realise that my knowledge of names of wild flowers is lacking. Definitely something I need to learn. 

My Dales Way project is slowly evolving too. Here's Dent Village nearly finished. I wish we could be there right now, enjoying a drink at the Sun Inn!


 This gorgeous Lilac bush I spotted on my walk the other day really lifted my spirits. We only have a little yard ourselves and I love seeing what other people have growing in their gardens!  It also reminded me of some of the yarn colours I'm using for my first crochet blanket project.
 I was so excited when my yarn arrived through the post, I really had to be strict with myself to prepare properly (make a note of the colour names, do a tension test), because I just wanted to dive straight in. The colours are just yummy. I'm using Lucy at Attic 24's Cosy Stripe blanket pattern, but working it in the colours she chose for her Sweet Pea blanket. 


   Like Jan, I baked peanut butter cookies this week. Mine were made with half flour and half wholegrain oats. I also used crunchy peanut butter and salted peanuts to finish off.
Ready for the oven!

They had just the right amount of crunch versus chew and sweet versus salt, according to my   taste testers!

  So sad we can't do a peanut butter cookie taste-test! They look amazing! Enjoy the bank holiday weekend :)



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