Feeling blessed

After ten weeks of walking the same loop, all three of us finally headed out early in the morning to one of our favourite parks. We timed it perfectly between the showers and managed a forty minute stroll in sunshine. There was hardly anybody else about and the birds were in good voice.

 Meanwhile, someone else was having their first walk in the park too! Mama duck led these little cuties all the way around the pond to get to a gate they could squeeze under, so they could have their dip. Aren't they adorable? It was the perfect end to our walk. Since the Offspring was a toddler, it's been a bit of a tradition for us to visit the Martin Mere Wetland Centre during May half term for their annual "downy duckling" week and of course we were deprived of that pleasure this year, so we were overdue some fuzzy cuteness!  

 They are just too cute for words! Over here we have had plenty lamb cuteness, but no ducklings. I love those pictures!

 I am pleased to report that our veg patch continues to thrive. The hot weather over half term made our broad beans and kale shoot up. 

 This is a Ryeland lamb - we pass these lovely 'teddy bear' sheep every day on our walks. They don't seem to scare easily so you can get really close to them.

 We made a pizza from scratch - not a looker, but very tasty! Need to work on that thin crust.

 And we received a very exciting surprise package from Betty's, the wonderful Yorkshire tea rooms. It was a care package from my sister-in-law, who lives in Australia. Very much appreciated!

 To finish, my miniature red rose bush is in bloom. I have a constant battle with things trying to kill it, eat it, the wrong weather, the wrong soil. But, just for now, it seems content - a bit like me.


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