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And suddenly it's all over

Looks delicious!   I've been cooking lots recently, experimenting with mainly veggie dishes. Above there is a yummy roast tomato pasta containing our first crop of peas and broad beans, chickpea burgers (I think they were a Bill Granger recipe which I can't find online) and a veget able ragu from   Jamie Oliver  . All totally delicious. We aren't vegetarian but probably about 40% of our meals are. I do like to experiment, especially now that our peas and broad beans are ready.   I got a lovely surprise a few days ago.... a beautiful bunch of flowers from D. courtesy of a lovely lady called Meryl at  Nodding Violets  florist in Halifax. She grows a lot of the flowers in her own garden and they are stunning. Still going strong a full week later. They have brought be so much pleasure in this generally rainy week!  The first of our fruits are now ready for harvest - we have had strawberries, cherries and blackcurrants

Midsummer mood

  Phew! My delicate Northern English constitution really didn't like the heat we had mid week. In fact, by Wednesday we weren't even doing our daily walk. The furthest we walked was to the Triangle Bakehouse to pick up our loaf. My thoughts turned to salads and cool drinks rather than my usual preferred hearty meals.  The salad was from a favourite book, Bowls of Goodness by Nina who writes at Nourish Atelier . It was butternut squash, lentils, red onion and spinach in a surprisingly hot oriental dressing. It was amazing! It's really nice to eat in the garden under the shade of the cherry and apple trees. We picked our first crop of strawberries - other fruits will follow in the coming weeks. They were small and very sweet, contrasting well with the sharpness of natural yogurt.  By Friday though, the weather had turned. Still hot, we had thunderstorms and heavy rain. At last, cool enough to walk! But we got soaked through and wind sw