Midsummer mood

 Phew! My delicate Northern English constitution really didn't like the heat we had mid week. In fact, by Wednesday we weren't even doing our daily walk. The furthest we walked was to the Triangle Bakehouse to pick up our loaf.
My thoughts turned to salads and cool drinks rather than my usual preferred hearty meals.  The salad was from a favourite book, Bowls of Goodness by Nina who writes at Nourish Atelier. It was butternut squash, lentils, red onion and spinach in a surprisingly hot oriental dressing. It was amazing! It's really nice to eat in the garden under the shade of the cherry and apple trees. We picked our first crop of strawberries - other fruits will follow in the coming weeks. They were small and very sweet, contrasting well with the sharpness of natural yogurt. 

By Friday though, the weather had turned. Still hot, we had thunderstorms and heavy rain. At last, cool enough to walk! But we got soaked through and wind swept. A neighbour commented that it was like 'being in the tumble dryer'! Very apt. 

The water was flowing down the paths in streams!
The rain had brought out the green everywhere around us. 

 The world around us seems to be trying to open up again, and I feel myself resisting. I like the gentle rhythm of our days. We had unexpected doorstep visits from family and friends, delivering gifts and love. It's hard not to hug people and just talk from afar. Our dear brother and sister-in-law were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary - not in New York as planned, but in rainy West Yorkshire. 

A walk by the canal in Sowerby Bridge while waiting for a new car tyre to be fitted took us past this brilliantly funny sign. I'm so impressed by the sense of humour shown by the Canal and River Trust's sign. 

 This final photo from me was pure serendipity - a red heart-shaped geranium petal stuck against the window of our basement den. Only after I had taken the photo did I notice the rainbow in the corner! A perfect chance.

We enjoyed our wet woodland walks again this weekend, everything is looking green and verdant. I loved the scent of the damp spruce and firs in the walled garden.

These chocolate and peanut butter brownies were rather more indulgent than I normally make, but oh so delicious! Kept in the fridge, they maintained their luscious ooze, without becoming too gooey to handle. They were so rich that we ended up cutting them into smaller pieces and they lasted several days!
 Oh my! I want one!

And there is finally a burst of colour in our yard! I didn't get to the garden centre in May, as I normally would, to refresh my container garden; but the old favourites haven't let me down.


  1. Helloo, that Salad looks delicious1
    I must investigate the book, thank you for sharing.
    bestest wishes
    Ashley x

    1. Hi Ashley! It was sooooo good! A great book. Looking forward to warm weather returning here to Yorkshire and more yummy salads!


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