Bursts of summer colour

This year my end of term was accompanied by a deep sense of melancholy instead of the usual exhilaration. The adrenalin that had carried me through the last few weeks evaporated over night and instead of eagerly diving into holiday projects I sank into total inertia for a week. Dreary weather and a sore back didn't help, but I'm gradually finding my way back to positivity and looking forward to a family break in North Yorkshire in August! 

Cosy Stripe lockdown blanket was completed, admired, hugged; judged as far too warm for July; then finally folded and stored prominently on the bedding shelf, where I can smile at it every time I need fresh sheets between now and the autumn. 
 So then I turned my attention to my EPP hexi patchwork that was begun several years ago....
I had originally planned to piece enough "flowers" to make up a whole quilt, but quickly got bored and choose to set the flowers I had made among randomly placed pieces in charm pack fabrics. I'm very pleased with the colourful folksy effect. It's a real contrast to the traditional American style star and pinwheel quilts I have sewn in the past, which have been carefully plotted out and planned on graph paper before a needle was threaded. Now I will have to dust off my quilting hoop ( literally, it's covered in cobwebs!) and decide on a backing fabric.

 That's looking good! I'm finding it hard to keep motivated on my crafty projects at the moment...

  It was good to have Maddie home for a week last week, it had been seven months since we saw her in real life thanks to lockdown! Sam the cat was delighted to have her home, he seems to relax more when she's around.

  We had a trip to the seaside when the weather started to improve midweek. It was lovely to see the waves after so long! We had a coffee at the beautifully located cafe at Hunmanby Gap, then walked on the golden sands to Filey (always smiley 😎) and back. There were several brave souls swimming and splashing in the water. Fish and chips were had from Bridlington, not far from your old home, Helen! What is it about fish and chips by the sea that makes them so tasty?

  As usual we have a glut of currants, especially white ones. They hide between the leaves of the bushes like little golden jewels, and they are wonderfully sweet.  I left a lot on the tree for the birds, but they don't seem very interested. Hopefully I will soon make a batch of jams....

  It reached 34 degrees up here in Yorkshire on Friday, very hot by our standards. We had booked into the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for an afternoon visit. It's always been a family favourite, lots of open grounds with amazing art dotted around. Due to current restrictions you have to book a timed ticket, but that meant that it was really quiet in most areas, it almost felt like a private viewing. As well as the artworks, the grounds, both wild and tamed, are stunning. If you look carefully you can see a fluffy highland 'coo' on a couple of the pictures!

 There is a tiny yard at the rear of our house which catches the late afternoon sun. I brightened it up last week with some pots. I like to sit here with a book and a brew, basking like a cat in the sun! Fingers crossed for more sunny days.....


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