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So what’s new?

Anyone else still mentally in March? It seems that though I have loved watching Spring then Summer evolving, the calendar in my head is stuck! So I thought it would be good to reflect on some of the really good things we’ve discovered during lockdown times. These are new to us, not necessarily new to everyone! It seems like forever since I last went to a gig. D and I love live music, and just squeezed in a trip to see the Smoke Fairies in Manchester in early February. Thinking back to that packed underground venue squashed up close to strangers, before we knew what a ‘bubble’ was or ‘social distancing’..... Still, music has got me through lockdown, and we’ve ordered a few albums from our favourite record shops,  Loafers  in Halifax and  Piccadilly Records  in Manchester. Also from Bandcamp of course. Currently on the turntable is Lana Del Rey, Norman *** Rockwell . I love her summery laid back vocals, especially on the songs  Mariners Apartment Complex  and  Doin Time , which is an upd

Bursts of summer colour

This year my end of term was accompanied by a deep sense of melancholy instead of the usual exhilaration. The adrenalin that had carried me through the last few weeks evaporated over night and instead of eagerly diving into holiday projects I sank into total inertia for a week. Dreary weather and a sore back didn't help, but I'm gradually finding my way back to positivity and looking forward to a family break in North Yorkshire in August!  My Cosy Stripe lockdown blanket was completed, admired, hugged; judged as far too warm for July; then finally folded and stored prominently on the bedding shelf, where I can smile at it every time I need fresh sheets between now and the autumn.    So then I turned my attention to my EPP hexi patchwork that was begun several years ago....   I had originally planned to piece enough "flowers" to make up a whole quilt, but quickly got bored and choose to set the flowers I had made among randomly place